Chicken Fighting

Looking for a new hobby? A new game? A new craze? Or an easy way to play and earn? But it is always easier said than done. But there might just be a solution for you. And that’s online cockfighting gamble. It will not only thrill you, but will put those much needed extra cash into your pocket. Now, doesn’t that sound like honey to your ears? Well, you can easily take a look at to know what exactly we’re talking about.

Cock fighting has been a popular game since time immemorial, and apparently, it still is! Good breed of roosters are trained and nurtured to fight any rooster that they consider a threat. And the onlookers of this fight will ended up placing bets on any fighter cock they supported. And with the onset of the Internet and the virtual world, the game is being taken a step ahead. And you can play, watch and make your bet through live streaming and online sites such as s128 at the comfort of your home.

fighting chicken

Betting over a fighter cock is a very common practice. The amount of money laid on the table can vary from place to place. While some bet and gamble for fun, some become beneficiaries of gambling and take the game very seriously. It can become a source of investment for some gamblers.  Although not the most favourably reputed game, this “blood sport” can give you an adrenaline rush and keep the excitement going as you watch trained cocks pecking each other.

It’s a “Survival of the fittest” situation, where a fighter cock will try its best to out do its opponent. And it’s definitely not a boring scene to watch! And you guess what’s better? When your fighter cock takes the crown! And you get to enjoy all the incentives. And enjoy some extra bonus all to yourself.

If you’re new to this online game, here’s a deal for you! provides lucrative bonus on your first betting deposit. And if luck is on your side, you will end up with 10-20% bonus on winning the bet. Take a tip from the experts – if you’re a beginner, make small bets, that fits your budget. So that your loss will get covered up by the entertainment you’ll receive. And you can learn from the first few games, and have better knowledge of the game too! The more knowledge you have of the game, the more advantages you have. And to play it right, you got to know the right things.

Getting excited already?

Well, you can stop watching those cock-fighting scenes from movies and get into the real fighting scene and get started.

Register yourself at an online gaming site, and get into the world of cock fighting! Who knows you might like it better than casino gambling. Or for a change, you can actually try this one. Change is good, isn’t it?